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Lisa Caplinger

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Holistic Nutritionist

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"Lisa is an amazing, spiritual and energy intuitive.   I cannot explain, nor would I try, how Lisa does what she does.  All I know is that when I leave my time with her I feel renewed, refreshed and aligned.   If you are considering this type of healing work, you should look no further then Lisa!"
~Jean M.

"These classes have helped me to realize that cooking and baking aren't nearly as hard or scary as I thought they were. What I enjoyed the best about cooking class was enjoying the delicious food at the end and having a good time with friends."
~Aubrey, age 14

"Lisa took me on a grocery store tour and it was so very helpful. She showed me some great tips about shopping the aisles and making good choices...the right ones for me...while also not breaking the bank. This took place almost two years ago and I still remember and use her advice. ,recommend Lisa."
~Holly B.

"I learned that the foods in season are the ones that your body needs for that time of the year. Eat a rainbow!"
~Meadow, age 12

"Lisa taught me that when I feed my body food with lots of chemicals, my body treats the food like a toxin instead of using it as fuel and nourishment."
~Autumn, age 14

"True healing is one of the most frightening journeys anyone can undertake. For some people, illness can provide a feeling of physical safety that sometimes allows them to slow down the speed at which their lives are moving or changing.  Illness can also offer the safety of not having to confront your inner issues or change yourself."         
~Caroline Myss, Ph.D

Thank you for visiting The Healing House with Lisa!

If you or your family is in search of wellness, a healthier diet, or techniques for a more fulfilling lifestyle, you have come to the right place. The Healing House specializes in individual and family wellness techniques and creative solutions toward greater health, healing and wellness. When you are feeling sick or overwhelmed, your body may be suffering and if you are suffering, it is likely that those around you feel it! 

The Healing House is a private consulting practice available to educate those who wish to make changes in daily nutrition, tap into your intuition, overhaul the kitchen pantry, and enhance personal and family health and well-being through nutritious eating and positive living practices.

The Healing House offers a variety of services and specializes in individual and family nutrition and healing in the hopes that health will occur as the individual learns to positively feed the mind, body and soul.  The Healing House believes that all people can obtain optimum health with education and encouragement.  As a holistic practice, food habits, exercise, meditation, and family and personal relationships will all be addressed.

Besides private consulting, The Healing House offers a variety of services to enhance overall wellness:  Crystal Healing Workshops, Kitchen Pantry Make-Overs, Group Intuitive Readings, Meal Planning Options and more.  All elements of the practice recognize that achieving good health requires a proper diet, plenty of clean drinking water, fresh air, meditation, sunlight, exercise and appropriate rest.  The overall purpose of The Healing House is to empower the client to achieve improved health, for today and in the future.

As a Family Wellness Consultant, Lisa can help you begin your journey toward health and wellness today! Contact us:

[email protected]

"There are many steps to personal healing~the most important of these is the first one you take in the right direction.  Healing requires participation of the mind, body, and spirit.  Are you ready to begin? I hope you find the healing that you are searching for, the love that you require, and all that is your heart's desire."   
~Lisa Renée, CHNC, B.A. Ed.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."  ~Michael Pollan