The Healing House with Lisa
Intuitive Healer & Holistic Nutritionist

Lisa Caplinger

Holistic Humtri

Medical Intuitive
Holistic Nutritionist

Thank you for visiting The Healing House with Lisa!

If you are in need of healing, you have come to the right place. The Healing House specializes in healing techniques for the mind, body and spirit. When you are feeling overwhelmed, your body is suffering. You may be creating dis-ease. You are likely experiencing stress and your body is reacting.

As an Intuitive Healer and Holistic Nutritionist, Lisa can help you begin your healing process. Through intuitive sessions or nutritional consulting, she can offer suggestions to move you toward greater healing, health and well-being.

"True healing is one of the most frightening journeys anyone can undertake. For some people, illness can provide a feeling of physical safety that sometimes allows them to slow down the speed at which their lives are moving or changing.  Illness can also offer the safety of not having to confront your inner issues or change yourself."          ~Caroline Myss, Ph.D
"There are many steps to personal healing~the most important of these is the first one you take in the right direction.  Healing requires participation of the mind, body, and spirit.  Are you ready to begin? I hope you find the healing that you are searching for, the love that you require, and all that is your heart's desire."   
~Lisa Renée, CHNC